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Congratulations On Your AAdvantage Program Achievement


「Congratulations On Your AAdvantage Program Achievement」




「plus some other gifts」とあるけれど、多分バゲージタグのみだろうな・・。

それと、miler(マイラー) って言葉本国でも使うのね、へえ~。


Congratulations On Your AAdvantage Program Achievement

Congratulations on reaching the Million Miler level!

Whether you eagerly awaited this achievement or didn't realize it occurred, I want you to know that we think it's an accomplishment to celebrate. In just a few weeks you'll receive a new elite membership card that acknowledges your Million Miler status - plus some other gifts we think you'll enjoy.

Every one of the 1,000,000 AAdvantage® miles you've earned is an indication of your support, and we thank you for your commitment to American Airlines and the AAdvantage® program.

Yours truly,

Rob Friedman


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