Fly With The Wind


AA: We are sorry for the delay of your flight.

4月29日のAA168 JFK-MXPの4時間近いディレイに対して、アメリカン航空から後日(5月6日)にメールが届いていました。


[ブログ内エントリ]2009/4/29 AA198 久々のミールバウチャー


When your April 29 flight didn't operate on schedule, we, too, were disappointed. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this flight delay may have caused you. We know how valuable our customers' time is and all our efforts are focused on the on time departure of each and every flight. We'll continue that focus, and the next time you fly with us we'll do our best to ensure you arrive at your destination as scheduled!

Because you are one of our most loyal travelers, we want to give you a little encouragement to fly with us again sometime soon. Therefore, I've credited your AAdvantage® account with 5,000 bonus miles. This mileage adjustment will appear in a few days. To view your account, go to

Again, we are sorry for the delay of your flight. We'll do better next time.